1. Product introduction:
This series of products can be used for rapid and on-site detection of common epidemic diseases in poultry breeding, and may simultaneously detect antibodies (quantitative) and antigens (qualitative). Poultry epidemics represented by bird flu are caused by viral infections and are highly contagious. They not only seriously affect the economic efficiency of the poultry farming industry, but H5N1 bird flu can also infect people and cause death. This poses a great threat to public health.

2. Type of poultry disease tested:
(1) Bird flu:
It is a type of bird-borne thunderbolism infectious disease caused by type A bird flu virus. It is divided into highly pathogenic avian influenza and low pathogenic avian influenza.
H5 and H7 subtypes are highly pathogenic avian influenza, with high mortality, sudden and rapid decline in egg production, bleeding on the scales, and chicken crown bleeding. Tears are difficult to breathe and cannot stand. Antipodal arch.
H9 subtype is a low-pathogenic bird flu, mostly respiratory tract and symptoms, reduced egg production, lack of energy, can cause complications.


(2) Newcastle disease:
Also known as Asian chicken gizzards, also known as chicken gizzards. Is an acute highly contagious disease. The main characteristic is dyspnea. Lower jaw, mental skills disorders ethyl serosa and mucosal bleeding. Respiratory disorders, pale green loose stools, decreased egg production, misshapen eggs.

 Infectious bronchitis
It is an acute, highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the infectious bronchitis virus. It is characterized by coughing, sneezing, and tracheal rales. Chicks are difficult to breathe, cough mortality is 5-30%, and some urate deposition. Laying chickens reduce egg production and deteriorate quality.

3. Pet Health Testing Series
The company actively develops pet health testing products and has now developed: (antigen detection is qualitative, antibody detection can be quantitative)
1). Canine Distemper Virus Detection (Antigen & Antibody)
2). Canine parvovirus detection (Antigen & Antibody)
3). Canine Coronavirus Detection (Antigen & Antibody)
4). Cat HIV Detection (Antigen & Antibody)