Growth Gain Supplement for Piglets

Product Code: XCSW08

Application: piglets, newborn pig, small swine

Function: Growth gain supplement for piglets

Advantages: herbal ingredients, free of antibiotics

Appearance: Powder

Packing Specific: 10kg/barrel, 15kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

Service: OEM/ODM, Private Labelling and Packing

Ingredients: Grataegi Fructus, Hordei Fructus Germinatus, Citri Reticulatae Pericappium, Polygonati Rhizoma, Pulsatillae Radix Root, Isatidis Radix, Ginger


Dosage: Add it in the feed pro rata of 1%.


Efficiency: This formula is used to promote the growth of piglets. All the ingredients are sourced from herbs with good effect on digestion promotion and immune enchancing.


Storage Direction: Reseal package and store in a cool dry place.