Additives to Prevent and Cure Mastitis in Sow

Product Code: XCSW06

Application: sow, lactating swine, pig

Function: matitis treatment for sow

Advantages: herbal ingredients, free of antibiotics

Packing Specific: 10kg/barrel, 15kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

Service: OEM/ODM, Private Labelling and Packing

Ingredients: TARAXACI HERBA, Weeping Forsythia


Dosage: Add it in the feed materials with 200g for each time.


Efficiency: This powder is formulated by veterinary to cure and prevent the mastitis in sow. All the ingredients are sourced from herbs with benefits to relieve the gland inflammation and infection of lactating sows.


Storage Direction: Reseal package and store in a cool dry place.