Pet Upper Respiratory Treatment Drops

Product Code: XP11

Application: Dogs, Cats

Treatment for: Cough, Bronchitis, Upper Respiratory

Feature: Herbal Formula

Color: colorless

Taste: Nonirritation

Service: OEM/ODM, Private Labelling


HERBFUN Pet Upper Respiratory Treatment Drops provides a herbalpet cough relief, dogs medicine, bronchitis treatment for pets

formula for dogs and cats.

It is an effective pet veterinary medicine  for dogs and cats , treatment for upper respiratory.

It helps relieve cough and bronchitis. It improves the immune of your pets.

Packed in smart bottle with nozzle, it is very easy to be operated.

Safe & Effective

HERBFUN Pet Upper Respiratory treatment drops is used for

treatment of cough, and bronchitis without side effect.

Safe Ingredients

HERBFUN pet upper respiratory is made from all natural ingredients free of side effect.

INGREDIENTS: Ephedra Herb, cassia twig, Asarum sieboldii , Saposhnikovia divaricata


Pleaes carefully read the dosage direction before apply this product

Apply 1 drop for pet at weight 2kgs twice a day.

This product is only for animal use, keep away from kids.