How to Know if Your Dog Gets Ear Infection?

release time: 2018-07-05

Dog ear infections are one of the most common canine health issues today. And they’re one of the most frustrating to deal with because they tend to come back, again and again. Dog ear infection is commonly caused by bacteria and yeast. How to know whether your dog gets an ear infection?

There are some obvious symptoms to help you to judge if your dog need a treat.

1. A brown or reddish discharge in the ear canal

2. Odor in the ear

3. Redness

4. Inflammation

5. Crusts or scabs on the inside of the ear


You also may see your dog has the followingabnormal behaviours.

1.Rubbing his ear on your furniture

2. Scratching around his ear

3. Shaking or tilting his head

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